Sprouted Earth


Sprouted Earth is a Toronto based micro green farm delivering the freshest products to restaurants and local customers.


Why Sprouted Earth?

We grow your greens to order. This means they will be as fresh as possible when you receive them. It's a small difference that has a huge effect on quality, vibrancy, nutritional value and of course, shelf life.  

We are inspired by the season and are always experimenting with new products. Find out what we are growing.




Why Chefs love Sprouted Earth: 

Make your own custom mix of microgreens, specific to your exact needs

There is nothing fresher! Often your delivery is harvested only hours before it reaches you

Choose to sample any of our varieties and within three weeks we can deliver a custom order right to you

Minimum order 1lb - Free Delivery

Most restaurants choose to the set up a weekly order. Cut and delivered Thursdays. 

The Home Cook

Why you'll love Sprouted Earth at home: 

Using only organic seeds we grow without the use of chemicals, just sunshine and love.

Microgreens are a nutrient powerhouse. They have the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie of any food.

Rich sources of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll and protein, they provide us with substantially greater health benefits than the full grown varieties of vegetables.

You'll love the diverse taste and beauty these bring to your dinner table.

Weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions available. check out our subscriptions page for more details.